Zodiac Milpro RIB

Zodiac Milpro RIB’er is constructed for professional use and is delivered in sizes from 4.2m, and up to 8.7m, all with their own unique characteristics and advantages.

SRA (Sea Rib Aluminium)

Zodiac Milpro SRA has an aluminium hull, giving advantages in strength and possibilities for customizations. SRA is delivered with a removable pontoon (either with a standard, round shape, or a D-shape for increased internal space). The pontoon can be delivered both as a standard air filled edition or as filled with foam (Durarib). The possibility for a divers hatch provieds easy access from the water. The flooring is equipped with tracks, enabling an easy and quick change in configuration, depending on the use area. The SRA is available both with outboard engines as well as inboard engines.

SRR (Sea Rib Responders)

Zodiac Milpro SRR is delivered in sizes from 4.2m, and up to 8.7m. All models are delivered with removable pontoon and has the option of "Rapid Access door", for a more easy boarding from the water. A high selection of consoles and bolsters, as well as other equipment provides a number of configurations tailored to your needs. 

SRMN (Sea RIB Marine & Navy)

Zodiac Milpro SRMN is known as the original RIB - solid, easy to use and functional. The SMRN is delivered in 3 sizes: 500, 550  and 600, and can be delivered with air-filled pontoons or pontoons with foam (durarib) er kjent som den originale RIB'en – solid, enkel og funksjonell. SRMN leveres i 3 størrelser – 500, 550 og 600 og kan leveres med luftfylt eller Durarib pongtong.

SR (SeaRiders)

Zodiac Milpro SeaRiders was originally sold under the Avon brand and is a well known model among many military and professional customers. These boats are designed with a ballast system (sea water) and a steep V-shaped hull, providing very good maneuvering and sea handling characteristics.

To all Zodiac Milpro RIBs we are offering a high selection of equipment, engine solutions and accessories. All boats are constructed according to the customer specifications and are delivered ready-to-use. 


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