Inflatable boats for civilian use

Zodiac Milpro offers a high number of professional inflatable boats for civilian use, both in the shap of expidition boats, working boats and rescue boats. A large selection in sizes provides good opportunities for finding a model fitting your needs. We are delivering boats all the way from 3.2m and up to larger boats of 7m, the latter ones with a high cargo capacity. All boats are completely deflatable.

Zodiac Milpro HD is delivered in three sizes of 5.3m, 5.85m, and 7m. These are solid boats, constructed to carry heavy cargo. The HD boats have a triamaran futura hull, providing very good sea characteristics, even with a heavy cargo. The HD series is constructed very solid, for use in rough conditions.

Zodiac Milpro GR is delivered in 2 sizes of 4.2m, and 4.7m. This is the classical inflatable boat, covering several use areas an is popular in the arctic. The GR is delivered with intercommunication valves, enabling inflation from one single valve point. It is also delivered with large self-draining systems and an aluminium flooring. Equipped with launch wheels it can easilly be entered into/ taken out of the water in places with no boat ramp. 

Zodiac Milpro ERB is delivered in 3 sizes of 3.2m, 3.9m, and 4.1m. All editions can be delivered with aluminium flooring, roll flooring or HPP flooring (inflatable). The ERP boats are especially designed for use in rescure operations and is delivered with standard rapid inflation kit, decreasing the time spent on inflating the vessel.